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S. Shane Samy, DMD

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The order of subject presentations is subject to change.  All class times are 8 AM -5PM

Basic Implantology, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning September 15,16,17
Biomaterials, Sterilization October 13,14,15
Medical Evaluation, Immunology, Imaging/Radiology November 17,18,19
Clinical, Applied Diagnosis/Treatment Planning December 8,9,10

Pharmacology/Surgical Implantology January 19,20,21
Surgical and Clinical Implantology February 16,17,18
Prosthetic and Clinical Implantology March 9,10,11
Advanced Implantology and Implant Complications April 13,14,15
Implant Considerations, Practice Management/Marketing May 11,12,13
Comprehensive Program Review June 15,16,17
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**2nd and 3rd Day in Anatomy session (Location TBD)