Implant Continuum


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S. Shane Samy, DMD

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Course Objectives:

This course will enable participants to:

  • Discuss the basic sciences as they relate to implant dentistry
  • Formulate a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment related to implant dentistry
  • Assess the many implant systems, their advantages or disadvantages and applications
  • Observe live surgical and prosthetic implant demonstrations on patients and allow participants to place implants on their own patients under direct supervision.

Ten 3-Day Sessions: Lecture/Didactic and Online Sessions (300 hours) plus Participation/Hands-On (80 hours) (as directed by course instructors).

The didactic, clinical and hands-on sessions will take place at Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon. Instructors / Presenters will submit questions to course director and participants will be required to study, prepare, and answer these questions (within a given time period) to receive credit for the online hours.

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